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by Toni Moretti

I would like to start with a premiss:
the fewer chords we play with a bass the happier the other members of the band will be.

Apart from this, let's talk about it: first of all, to make them sound good it would be better to play them in the second octave (beyond the 12th fret) and, if possible, to make the effect major-minor heard we can obmit the 5th, which is usually done when we add the 7th, obtaining the 1°-3°-7°.

An exception is the first voicing where, having the 3rd at the bass, it can sound good with the 5th, as I put in the sheet music both in the major and minor chord.

Obviously, you must take care in playing the right chord for the harmony of the song (it seems useless to say but…you never know!).

A good solution to make them sound pleasant is using the left hand to play the bass (usually the first or the third in the first voicing of the chord), and with the right hand tapping playing a double stop (3°-7° or, changing fingering 7°-3° as in the exemples).

In the sheet music I only put the most used three types of chords (7+, 7, min7) utilizing various solutions in positions and tapping.

ou can use them as a clue to build the chords that can be useful to you (5b, 5+, dim, 5b/7, 9, 9b, etc.). To make things easy for everyone I also put the tablature.

The numbers aside the notes indicate the left hand finger; the letters the right hand finger. I only put a few as an understanding means.

I hope you’ll appreciate them, and if you like playing them, don’t abuse them. Good work.


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