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Slap exercises 2
by Toni Moretti

One of the slap problems is that you study it for long time, doing difficult exercises, playing at fast speed and than we don't know what can we do with it!
Infact, many exercises are only a virtuous exhibition and these are not so easily applicable at the real music.

What I would like to give you are just ideas, but I hope these can help you to use practically slap.

I have taken the paradiddles that drummers use to study and I have commuted them to slap.

on't you like it?

Please go to your drummer and take one of his that you like, because they are many, I took just few of them, and when you understand how it works you got it!!

f you accent the R, becomes thumb, the L becomes pop, otherwise becomes ghost, the R either thumb or hammer and the L always pop but with your forefinger on the D string (as you saw in the last lesson), then we can play them on a chords section, put triples etc.….
Well, here is a sample. Have a good practice to all of you!! Bye!

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