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Practical suggestions
by Laura Pigozzi

  • when singing don't push your stomach forward
  • don't stiffen abdominal muscles and avoid blocking the diaphragm
  • practise moderatly to improuve your abdominal muscles: they 'll better sustain your voice. It is going to be less muted and will appear more intense
  • the larynx is a mobile organ: do not eceed in too high or low positions. Check the right position touching your Adam's apple
  • don't try to find a timbre that is not yours. Avoid finding a too clear or too dark timbre. That would mean stressing too much some sreas of sonority in opposition to others. You should try to find equilibrium in every phase of your singing. For this should have a good distribution of sound in the complex areas of sonority
  • it is bad for your voice if you sing too loud or too low: you should be looking for a natural volume
  • do not start singing by a blow of the glottis: the sound is precise but vocal chords are dangerously rigid
  • do not corrugate your face. Good singing makes your wrinlrs flatter!
  • diseases at the genital apparatus can modify your voice menstruation, pregnancy and menopause can make feminine voice hypotonical. This effect can be contrasted with

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