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Voice is identity: take care of it
by Laura Pigozzi

How to sing better

everyone can be a good singer

There are no people out of tune.There are only people untrained to use their voice.

Someone was born with a good voice, but everyone can learn how to get it.

You don't need to imitate anyone. The voice is your own personal identity, as unique as a fingerprint. In fact some security systems use the voice as an ID.

Singing does not involve technical skills only, but an emotion alike.

In order to sing well, you need to breathe well.

A good exercise to start:

Breath deeply avoiding to excessivelly inflate the thorax. Pull the air into the stomach taking care not to shrug your shoulders.
Hold the air for a few seconds and then blow slowly uttering the sound "o". Take your time to complete this exercise.

Some tips:

  1. Never force your voice; you can damage your vocal chords.

  2. Control high notes 'opening the throat'. 'Stiffening the throat' produces a throttled sound. 

  3. Record yourself while you are singing. Then listen: do not be surprised if you do not recognize your own voice. Usually we listen also inside vibrations. Therefore the heard sound is different from the uttered sound. 

  4. You should not sing lower than your own tune while thinking to rest your voice. Actually, you damage it.

How to speak better

The main difference between speaking and singing voice regards the intensity and the duration of the sound. 

The voice is like an iceberg. Speaking voice is just the top, which is the small part over the water. 

There is a deep interrelation between singing and speaking. Singing lessons help to improve the speaking voice; while an improper use of your own voice damages your vocal chords.

When a baby is born his voice is sound, his vocal chords are perfect and he rightly breathes. Then the stressed rhythms of our lives let us take bad habits.

You need to learn some basic techniques in order to restore your primary vocal functions. 

How to take care of our voice in the every day life:

  • you should not speak too loud

  • you should not mimic other's rhythm and intonation

  • you should not howl in order to call someone

  • you should not speak out of tune (too low or too high)

  • do not quarrel!

  • do not recline your head while having a phone call: this does not allow the correct larynx working 

  • you should inhale through the nose: this helps to warm and purify the air.

  • be silent as much as possible

  • do not clear your throat; this irritates the larynx

  • you should humidify your room


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Inserited on 26/3/2003 at 16.16.42 by "Rawsheeka"
thank you for the information. can you tell me how can i help my voice when my throat gets full of phlegm and my voice gets hoarse
Inserited on 10/11/2004 at 1.00.54 by "louloubelle03"
i try to sing cuz i want to be a singer oneday be i have stage fright, and i am trying to get to sing in front of people but it is hard.

~little singer~
Inserited on 24/2/2005 at 1.48.09 by "gzohaib"
your website is awesome it provides perfect information unlke other who tell their own winny stories thanks for you help from the website thank you
Inserited on 25/2/2005 at 0.39.11 by "laura.pigozzi"
Risposta a gzohaib@aol.com

I thank you for your kind comments. I am very happy that the lessons have been helpful to you.
Laura Pigozzi
Inserited on 25/11/2005 at 3.54.45 by "garodaguys_05"
Dont worry i`ll try this tips that youv`e given me.......I think it will be a big help for me.
Inserited on 4/12/2005 at 11.35.06 by "Semohamed185"
Now I know how to look after my voice correctly and how to stop it going sore on special days (like when I have a singing audition!)
Inserited on 8/4/2006 at 22.13.14 by "ponypals5"
I think these will help me alot! I was in choir for a while, but it has been a year, so I'm out of practice. I would also like to learn how to belt. Any suggestions?
Inserited on 9/4/2006 at 10.22.45 by "laura.pigozzi"
to: ponypals5@juno.com
Thanks for your kind comment. If you plan to be again in a choir please let me suggest you to restart with practicing introductory vocal exercices firts.
As far as the belting tecnique is concerned my suggestion is that you should do it with a (very) professional teacher: he as to be very competent in this matter!
all the best for your future,
Laura Pigozzi
Inserited on 29/9/2006 at 12.42.32 by "sueredquin"
I have been a professional session singer, performer, writer and singin tutor for many years and I believe that there are people who will never have a "good" voice. People are born to sing like they are born to be athletes or great instrumentalists. You need to have the right raw material - a good cranium cavity, acute listening skills, natural ability to produce tone and pitching, the passion, the feel etc. Yes you can improve almost anyone to a better level teaching breathing, warm ups and vocal techniques but there are still some people who will never have what it takes. if someone comes to me aged 16 with pitching problems, they are not natural born singers and although they can be taught to improve their pitching - a future in the serious world of musicianship is just not on the cards- and far too many think they can be pop stars by taking a few lessons. I think you are doing non singers a disevice by claiming they can be taught to be good singers - of course it all depends on how you interpret the word "good" but in my book you either have what it takes to have the potential to be a good singer or you dont.Having said that your tips are excellent and overall I really liked your site. Thankyou. Sue
Inserited on 3/10/2006 at 1.35.53 by "subaparmar"
My voice is a soprano. Lately, I cannot go as high as i used to. I think it's because of a minor cold. How do i get my voice to go back to it's highest point which is two B's above middle C. Right now, I can go that high, but only on an oo. I have to be able to sing it on lots of words.
Inserited on 15/10/2006 at 14.56.57 by "laura.pigozzi"
Reply to: sueredquin@aol.com

Dear Sue,

your warm passion for our job is everywhere in your letter and, first of all for this reason, I wish to thank you.

I believe you have properly understood what I maintain in jazzitalia’s website: I think that really everyone can sing, id est every people can utter the right notes, with the appropriate technique.
Summarizing everyone can amuse himself by singing and everyone can experience that particular “innermost pleasure”that the singing gives to singers.
I think that someone who can sing will never be alone!

As you rightly pointed out, it is a completely different matter if the singing wants to be a “serious” job.
You underlined the stringent need, for anyone in this situation, to have the right “raw material”, and I fully agree with you.
Furthermore, I would add to a good cranium cavity, listening skills and natural ability to produce tone and pitchings, as the basic requirements to be a good singer, also some other psychological “qualities, such as “personality” and humility (which, I believe, by the way, is getting more and more “rare”).

What I mean is that a good singer is not singing for himself only: he should be able to “communicate” something.

These kind of psychological qualities cannot be created or taught either you have them or you do not!

Thank you for having taken the time to write me.
Laura Pigozzi
Inserited on 15/10/2006 at 15.08.36 by "laura.pigozzi"
reply to: subaparmar@yahoo.com

Dear friend,
first of all you need to recover your health. So meaning that even if 'minor', the cold has to be eliminated.
Your voice extention is remarkably high and, under my experience, I wish to tell you that with such a kind of extention, you must be aware that not every day and under any circumstances you can go that high.
However should the problem persist, my suggestion is to consult your teaching and a good doctor.
Best regards
Laura Pigozzi
Inserited on 22/1/2007 at 6.52.19 by "sharkz_mechanizm"
I'll try your tips i know it's gonna be a good tool to have a good voice.
I just wanna ask why good singers their voice has a vibration?please tell me
how could I achieve so that my voice has a vibration also.
Please tell me.I'm looking forward for your answer.I hope",)

Inserited on 8/2/2007 at 5.31.00 by "samy_15_2009"
thanx for this tips, they will really help me to get ready for my big solo! I'm singing Ave maria=) wish me luck! ohI have other questions...is there certain stuff I should/shouldn't eat before my preformance or before a choir lesson?
Inserited on 15/2/2007 at 9.44.15 by "laura.pigozzi"
ANSWER to amy_15_2009@yahoo.com

Thanks for your kindness and my best wishes for your "big" solo...
Coming to your further question:
1) do not eat too much before a performance
2) do not drink too much (alcohol above all but water too!)
3) have a light meal with some "salted" food (i.e. anchovies, cheese, capers....) but not too much otherwise you will get (with this food) thirsty....
This is why salted foods reactivate local blood circulation and your throat becomes , therefore, more "active"
All the best
Inserited on 16/2/2007 at 17.35.27 by "samy_15_2009"
Thank you so much for the comment=)...oh I have another question, my choir teacher is getting mad at me because she says that I don't sing loud enough therefor I dont "breath correctly", what do you think I can do to try and get atleast a bit louder? and to try to ''breath correctly''?
Inserited on 30/5/2007 at 17.56.56 by "steve.goddard2"
You mentioned the thorax and not over inflating it. Could you explain where it is and explain what you meant in more detail so it is clear please. Thankyou.
Inserited on 28/6/2007 at 16.51.38 by "laura.pigozzi"
Dear Steve,
thanks for your interesting suggestion. Thorax has not to be over inflated because the air must fill up the lower part of lungs in order to properly "open" tha lower as well as the rear part of ribs. It is only in this way that the diaphragm can "lay down" itself and therefore "sustain" the sound.
I hope to have better clarified your topic.
Laura Pigozzi
Inserited on 2/8/2007 at 19.11.09 by "donisha_shannen"
hi my name is donisha and i have a really good voice but i can't get high parts singer high notes but i jus wish that some won will come and learn me to sing because singing is my dream i does think that i wish i was a super star like boyonce and does i jus wish i were like them,so any won that is wishing to learn me to sing please come and teach me i am looking foward to it and i live in barbados please because thats my dream
Inserited on 6/8/2007 at 20.14.46 by "cellastine_goscinski"
these tips and info really helped me relax my voice so i could get terific results when i get feedback from other people and listen to my recordings
Inserited on 23/8/2007 at 13.17.44 by "haibane-asa"
I used to sing as a child, perhaps good, perhaps bad, I don't know. The adults said I should go into singing, but I thought it was for girls. Now I deeply regret my foolishness. During the times of puberty, I hated my voice and stopped singing entirely. That was when I forgot how to sing. Now for years, I've attempted to be able to sing again... only to probably have damaged my vocal chords a great deal.

What do I do now? I still want to sing, and I want to excel at it, but I don't know where to begin. I joined choir in high school, but that didn't help. Now I'm too afraid to sing because I fear to damage my voice. Could someone e-mail me your comments about this?
Inserited on 30/8/2007 at 7.09.53 by "deezee_18"
Thanx 4 d info...
Inserited on 20/9/2007 at 6.40.58 by "simpol_07"
this tips really helps me a lot.....
God Bless for that...

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