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Edizione Speciale, il nuovo album di Enrico Rava.

Si è spento all'età di 95 anni la grande icona della chitarra jazz Franco Cerri..

Annunciato il San Severo Winter Jazz Festival 2021, 7 concerti internazionali dal 29 ottobre al 1 aprile 2022..

Pubblicato "The Rising Sun" il nuovo e quarto album del chitarrista modern jazz Fabrizio Savino.

ECM: le novità in uscita della prestigiosa casa discografica tedesca. .

Open Day del Saint Louis Music School dedicato al Master in I livello in Music Business & Management. .

Al via il Premio Rota 2021. Un'edizione dove accanto alla consegna dei riconoscimenti vi sarà tanta musica dal vivo. .

Morto Don Marquis (4 maggio 1933 - 29 luglio 2021) indimenticabile storico del jazz e autore del volume “In search of Buddy Bolden: first man of jazz".

Ciao Paolo, musica e Jazzitalia in lutto per la scomparsa del sassofonista Pietro Paolo Mannelli. Aveva 84 anni..

Disponibile dal 2 dicembre per Adda Editore il libro "Paolo Lepore e la Jazz Studio Orchestra" curato da Alceste Ayroldi.

Pubblicato "Bass Way", il nuovo Metodo Didattico per contrabbasso classico e jazz di Marcello Sebastiani..

Esce Pentatonic Pyromania di Mimmo Langella, un manuale per arricchire tecniche e fraseggio per chitarra in ambito Pop, Rock, Jazz e Fusion.

Pubblicato un nuovo testo da Antonio Ongarello dedicato a Scott Joplin: "10 Rags for Jazz Guitar" (trascrizione di "The Enterteiner").

"The Great 78 Project", digitalizzate 25mila vecchie registrazioni, rese gratuite per il download.

Ultimi aggiunti:

            ADJÀ QUINTET (gruppo)
            BELLADELLI Antonio (voce e contrabbasso)
            BLASIOLI Simone (sax)
            CAGNETTA Mariangela (voce)
            CAPPI Andrea (piano, tastiere)
            CAPRARESE Cristian (pianoforte)
            CASSARA' Elio (chitarra)
            CRISPINO Luca (chitarra)
            CRISTOFARO Gaetano (sax e clarinetto)
            CUOCO Ramon (tromba)
            GADDI Piero (pianoforte)
            GHIDONI Davide (tromba)
            INDRA (gruppo)
            LEPORE Fabio (voce)
            MAZZA Cristina (sax)
            ROSSINI Giorgio (voce)
            TATONE Angelo (chitarra)
            VARAVALLO Luca (contrabbasso)
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Roy Hargrove
decca - inserito il 18/08/2009

Acclaimed trumpeter, composer, and bandleader Roy Hargrove realizes a lifelong dream with the August 25th release of Emergence (Groovin' High/Emarcy), his first big band album. Nineteen pieces strong, Hargrove's ensemble is a vibrant and versatile group, tackling a wide range of material and styles with equal doses of precision and passion. "Financially speaking, this is probably the worst thing I could ever do," says Hargrove, "but it is something that needs to be done, spiritually and musically speaking."

The seeds of Emergence were planted in 1995, when Hargrove first formed a big band for a New York jazz festival. His big band concept grew as he led the evolving group through a series of regular gigs at the Jazz Gallery, a not-for-profit performance space in lower Manhattan - which proved an invaluable for both Hargrove and the musicians who participated. "The Jazz Gallery is for up-and-coming young players," Hargrove explains. "I go around to jam sessions a lot, sit in with cats, and I think that the new generation doesn't have a lot of experience playing in sections and playing in big bands. So this provides younger guys with a sense of camaraderie that is not really evident anymore in jazz."

The lineup solidified into the group showcased on the eleven tracks of Emergence, which features Hargrove on trumpet, flugelhorn, and a rare lead vocal (on the standard "September in the Rain") alongside four other trumpet players (Frank Greene, Greg Gisbert, Darren Barrett, Ambrose Akinmisure), four trombonists (Jason Jackson, Vincent Chandler, Saunders Sermons, and Max Seigel on bass trombone), five reedists (Bruce Williams, alto saxophone and flute; Justin Robinson, alto and flute; Norbert Stachel, tenor sax and flute; Keith Loftis, tenor and flute; and Jason Marshall, baritone sax and flute), and the rhythm section of pianist Gerald Clayton, bassist Danton Boller, guitarist Saul Rubin, drummer Montez Coleman and percussionist Roland Guerrero. Vocalist Roberta Gambarini (named "Rising Star Female Vocalist of the Year" in Downbeat's 2009 Critic's Poll) contributes two affecting performances. The album's repertoire boasts an accomplished and refreshing mix of original compositions (from both Hargrove and his bandmates), standards, and favorites from outside writers. Stylistically, the music ranges from furious swingers to majestic ballads to rollicking Latin jams.

Since his own emergence in the late '80s, Hargrove has proved to be an adventurous and wide-ranging artist, proudly immersed in the jazz tradition and yet continually striking out for new terrain. Among his groups include the straight-ahead, hard-bop Roy Hargrove Quintet and Crisol, an Afro-Cuban ensemble that won a Grammy in 1998 for Best Latin Jazz Performance with its album Habana. With the funk-oriented RH Factor, Hargrove released the 2003 album Hard Groove, featuring guest appearances by R&B superstars Erykah Badu, Common and D'Angelo. His last album, 2008's quintet session Earfood (Groovin' High/Emercy), was featured in dozens of year-end Top 10 lists.

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Landscapes - Pasquale Stafano (piano) and Gianni Iorio (bandoneon)
#PasqualeStafano #GianniIorio #Landscapes #MediterraneanTales #Bandoneon #Piano, Landscapes composed by Pasquale Stafano, , Gianni Iorio bandoneon, Pa...
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Allan Holdsworth live in Tokyo 1984 + Interviews
No copyright infringement intended. Made without profit., , No monetizing No ads , , Recorded, May 14, 1984 at Yubin Chokin Hall in Tokyo, Japan, , Al...
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Allan Holdsworth Band feat. Jimmy Haslip & Gary Husband - Jarasum Jazz Festival
Allan Holdsworth Band feat. , , Jimmy Haslip & Gary Husband - Devil Takes The Hindmost, , 2014. 10. 5(Sun) Jazz Island, Jarasum Int'l Jazz Festival, ,...
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Erskine, Oles and Colombo Ft. Bob Mintzer - We All Love Burt Bacharach
"We All Love Burt Bacharach", performed by the band Erskine, Oles & Colombo, which contains No.13 hits of the american composer among them: I Say a Li...
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Phil Woods Big Band - Blue Note , Paris 1960 '' Steeplechase '' + '' A night in Tunysia ''
Phil Woods Big Band - Blue Note , Paris 1960 '' Steeplechase '' + '' A night in Tunysia ''...
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Dave Brubeck & Paul Desmond -- Stardust
College of the Pacific, December 14, 1953. Paul Desmond began playing this tune professionally when he was with the Jack Fina band in 1949. It later...
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QUISISANA JAZZ EVENTS 2012 - John Scofield's Hollobody Band
QUISISANA JAZZ EVENTS 2012 - 8 luglio, John Scofield and Hollobody Band, , John Scofield, Guitar, , Kurt Rosenwinkel, Guitar, , Ben Street, Bass, , Bi...
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RH Factor (Roy Hargrove) @ Jazz à Sète 2012 2/3
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RH Factor (Roy Hargrove) @ Jazz à Sète 2012 1/3
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Cheek to Cheek - featuring Mauro Carpi (violin)
Lino Patruno Jazz ShowMauro Carpi - (violin)Lino Patruno (guitar and leader)Adriano Urso (piano)Guido Giacomini (bass)Riccardo Colasante (drums)http:/...
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Doctor Jazz - featuring Michael Supnick vocals
Lino Patruno Jazz ShowMichael Supnick (cornet, VOCALS)Gianni Sanjust (clarinet)Carlo Ficini (trombone)Lino Patruno (guitar and leader)Adriano Urso (pi...
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Livery Stable Blues - Jimmy LaRocca, David Hansen, Lino Patruno Jazz Show
Livery Stable Blues - Jimmy LaRocca, David Hansen, Lino Patruno Jazz ShowLivery Stable BluesJimmy LaRocca - trumpetMichael Supnick - tromboneNicola Gi...
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Benny Goodman Orchestra - Sing, Sing, Sing (Hollywood Hotel) 1937
Benjamin David "Benny" Goodman (May 30, 1909 -- June 13, 1986) was an American jazz and swing musician, clarinetist and bandleader; widely known as th...
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Jo Jones, a magician on drums, in Caravan
Jo Jones is one of the greatest drummer in the history of Jazz. Most inventive, he frequently improvises the most unpredictable and bold breaks with a...
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The Miles Davis Story (Sub Ita)
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Miles Davis Interview (Italian TV 1989).wmv
Miles Davis interviewed by Gege' Telesforo for the Italian music TV show "DOC"...
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Kenny Garret Quartet al Ueffilo Jazz Club - Gioia del Colle - Bari
Kenny Garret Quartet in Concert (short excerpt) - Ueffilo Jazz Club di Gioia del Colle - BariKenny Garrett soprano & alto sax,Vernell Brown piano,Corc...
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Kenny Garret Quartet al Ueffilo Jazz Club - Gioia del Colle - Bari
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Miles Davis - The Last Performance - Jazz à Vienne 1991 (Official)
Directed by : Patrick SaveyExclusive -- The last Miles Davis with his band filmed concert, on 1991 July 1st. Filmed at the Vienne Roman theater, feat ...
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Miles Davis and Friends in Paris 1991, Title: Jean-Pierre
Miles Davis Band, "La Grande Halle De La Villette", Paris, France, July 10, 1991 ,Miles Davis (tp) Bill Evans (ss) Kenny Garrett, Jackie McLean (as) S...
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Quisisana Jazz Events 2010 Part2.mov
Quisisana JAZZ Events 2010 - Direzione Artistica Peppe De RosaPeppe De Rosa GroupGerardo Di Lella Bigband guest star Bob Mintzer (leader degli yellow ...
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TST Funk - Beppe Di Benedetto 5tet
Beppe Di Benedetto 5tet - Tst Funk - Music by Beppe Di BenedettoBeppe Di Benedetto - TromboneEmiliano Vernizzi - Tenor SaxophoneLuca Savazzi - PianoSt...
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Clark Terry receives the Grammy 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award
Legendary Jazz Trumpet and Flugelhorn player, Clark Terry, receives the Grammy 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award on January 30th, 2010 in Los Angeles. D...
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Jazz in Baia | Intervista a Garrison Fewell (Berklee Teacher)
Intervista fatta a Garrison Fewell in occasione del suo concerto alla Baia di Finale Emilia (Mo)....
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Roy Eldridge, and His Jazz Band
Most notably with Gene Krupa and Anita O'Day. In the early days of Disney World (mid 70's) there was The Village Jazz Lounge, he and other gre...
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Arturo Sandoval i Dizzy Gillespie - JAZZ
Aquí­ os dejo a dos maestros del Jazz.... INCREIBLE.75 aniversario de Dizzy Gillespie...
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Multiculturita SJF: 13 Luglio - Pino Mazzarano - Gianni Lenoci - Saint Louis Big Band
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Lionel Hampton - Flying Home (1957)
Watch Lionel Hampton and his band perform Flying Home Broadcast on American Television in 1957.Use this link to open my Jazz Giants library playlist. ...
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Fabrizio Bosso live
Live @ Auditorium di Roma, Febbraio 2007www.bandamiranda.com...
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La Drummeria alla sagra
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"La Drummeria" a Piazza Catuma - JAM Andria Jazz Festival
http://www.videoandria.com/ Interessante concerto quello svoltosi a Piazza Catuma il 22 Luglio 2010 ad opera del gruppo "La Drummeria" in occasione de...
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Assolo Batteria -La drummeria- La bottega degli orologi.
il meglio del meglio....
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RMM Rosferra Marsalis Music - Solo Jazz - La Drummeria (parte 1)
La Drummeria, ospite di "La Lunga Notte della Batteria", si esibisce in varie spettacolari esecuzioni musicali.©R.M.M./Y.R.M. Rosferra Marsalis MusicA...
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Marco Cuzzovaglia La Drummeria
Quando la batteria...CANTA!...
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Walter Calloni e La Drummeria splittata
Una Batteria suonata da cinque grandi batteristi Italiani...
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La Drummeria - Trunkatu [Live]
5 dei migliori batteristi italiani in una perphormance live del 2004...
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Enrico Rava Quintet Standards "I'll Close My Eyes" - al Moro Jazz Pub - Cava de' Tirreni - Salerno
Enrico Rava Quintet Standards in "I'll Close My Eyes" (Buddy Kaye / Billy Reid) excerpt, in Concert al Moro Jazz Pub - Cava de' Tirreni - Sale...
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D'IMPULSO - by Nuevo Tango Ensamble - New Album Preview
D'IMPULSO (Jazzhaus Records)Released date 27th of may 2011Gianni Iorio - bandoneonPasquale Stafano - pianoPierluigi Balducci - bassJavier Girotto ...
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ROSCOE MITCHELL Chicago Quartet (Usa) - LIVE - Gala Hala (summer stage / letni oder) - 30.06.2009
ROSCOE MITCHELL Chicago Quartet (Usa) - LIVE - 50. JAZZ FESTIVAL Ljubljana - Gala Hala letni oder / summer stage - Metelkova Mesto - Ljubljana - Slov...
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The Trio (Muhal Richard Abrams, George Lewis & Roscoe Mitchell)
Jazz Festival, Petrillo Band Shell, Grant Park, Chicago, September 4, 2009...
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MICHELE CORCELLA: "Dawn". Performed by Bohuslän Big Band (AUDIO HIGH QUALITY)
MICHELE CORCELLA: "Dawn". Performed by Bohuslän Big Band (AUDIO HIGH QUALITY)...
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Joe Lovano - Bird Songs
Joe Lovano's new Blue Note recording, "Bird Songs," an exploration of the music of Charlie Parker featuring Us Five, drops January 11. Check out ...
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Dave Douglas Video
A video I made for Dave Douglas.Songs are Jefferson Aeroplane (Acoustic) by Relient K, and Privileged few by Agnes.Check out his band Gypsy Parade at ...
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2010 Grammy Jazz Band with James Moody - "Sax Alley" at Spaghettini's
The 2010 Grammy Jazz Band performs "Sax Alley" with special guest James Moody at Spaghettini's Jazz Club. Featuring James Moody on tenor sax, Kevi...
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UNF 1:30 Band with Jack Petersen and James Moody
UNF 1:30 Big Band from around 1989 with Jack Petersen and James Moody...
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James Moody with the RIAS Big Band playing Wave....
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Giant Steps
James Moody with the RIAS Big Band playing John Coltrane's 'Giant Steps.'...
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Bina & Ehud - Assanhado
live at studio Mosh, 2006 São Paulo-BrazilBina Coquet; 7 strings GuitarEhud Asherie: organ Hammond B3Celso de almeida: bateriacomposed by Jacob do Ban...
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Billy Butterfield (trumpet), Lino Patruno (bass) with Milan College Jazz Society: Gianni Acocella (trombone), Bruno Longhi (clarinet), Paolo Tomelleri...
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Struttin' with Some Barbecue - BILLY BUTTERFIELD & LINO PATRUNO
Billy Butterfield (trumpet), Lino Patruno (bass) with Milan College Jazz Society: Gianni Acocella (trombone), Bruno Longhi (clarinet), Paolo Tomelleri...
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tributo michael bublè live blueshouse milano
Michael Bublè tribute band , live to Milano .Omaggio al grande Maestro Louis Armstrong...
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Allan Holdsworth Alan Pasqua Chad Wackerman Jimmy Haslip
A live show filmed at Yoshis club in California...
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Thelonius Monk and the Giants of Jazz 1971 Round Midnight
Thelonius Monk and the Giants off Jazz 1971 .The Giants off jazz during there worldtour in Holland . This clip is a Big IM for the bandmember Special ...
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Andrea Pozza - Johnny Come Lately
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Banda Osiris e Ottavo Richter a "I Suoni delle Dolomiti" 8 luglio 2007...
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Banda Osiris e Ottavo Richter in Statale a Milano
Gli studenti della Statale ballano sui banchi in delirio per il concerto organizzato dai rappresentanti degli studenti della Sinistra Universitaria in...
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Ottavo Richter La Roba di Mamone a Parla con Me
Ottavo Richter a Parla con me con LA ROBA DI MAMONE...
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Ottavo Richter Renzo Arbore Banda Osiris
Ottavo Richter a Parla con me del 29 Maggio 2009 con Renzo Arbore...
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Lino Patruno Jazz Band @ Cotton Club Roma
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Gene Krupa- Sing, Sing, Sing
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Harry James Trumpet Blues
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Harry James - Concerto for Trumpet
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Steve Gadd Band ' 85 Live VTR [ Bye Bye Blackbird / Drum Solo ]
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Trumpetparty 2006, Ack van Rooyen-Jan Wessels
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Peter Herbolzheimer RC & B Beija Flor feat. Ack van Rooyen (2006)
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Elis Regina - Corsário (Original)
Elis Regina canta Corsário em um programa de 1976 para a Rede Bandeirantes. Arranjos Originais...
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Elis Regina - É com esse que eu vou (TV Cultura)
Elis Regina singing with Cesar Camargo Mariano on piano and band - TV Cultura(Brazil) - (Interview about Carnaval + É com esse que eu vou)She was the ...
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Elis Regina - Triste
Clássico de Tom Jobim, aqui numa apresentação na TV Bandeirantes em 1976....
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A morte de Elis Regina
Jornal Hoje mostrou o velório da cantora Elis Regina no Teatro Bandeirantes em São Paulo em 20/01/1982...
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"Oh, Lady Be good" - Dee Dee Bridgewater & The Italian Big Band
***IF YOU LIKE THIS VIDEO, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE***Vocals: Dee Dee BridgewaterConductor: Marco RenziTrumpets:Dino TonelliSergio VitaleLuca FalconeAndrea Sa...
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Hibla.com: Will Vinson / Kurt Rosenwinkel Group Live @ ZIGFRID VON UNDERBELLY London
Hibla.com: Will Vinson / Kurt Rosenwinkel GroupT WO Music Presents Live @ ZIGFRID VON UNDERBELLY, Hoxton Square, London, WEDNESDAY 29th April 2009Wil...
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Hop Scop Blues (Bessie Smith) Ghiglioni, Wellstood, Patruno
TRIBUTE TO BESSIE SMITHTiziana Ghiglioni (vocals), Oscar Klein (trumpet), Dick Wellstood (piano), Lino Patruno (guitar)http://www.linopatruno.ithttp:/...
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lucca donna jazz 2009
Intervista a Patrizia Landi e Tiziana Ghiglioni, durante la manifestazione musicale "Lucca Jazz Donna" tenutasi presso l'auditorium San Girolamo a Luc...
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Jean-Luc Ponty Band- Guy N'Sangue Jig Solo
Jean-Luc Ponty in Charlotte, NC June 17th,2007. This is Guy N'Sangue Akwa's bass solo on Jig....
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Mondomix présente : Angélique Kidjo
Angélique Kidjo est une chanteuse à part. Une puissante source dénergie et de douceur. Le 14 juillet 1960 à Ouidah, petite ville du Bénin, naît la tor...
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Angelique Kidjo - Adouma - Live - 1994
The incredible, multi-Granmmy Award winning Angelique Kidjo performing live on Aussie TV during her tour in 1994. Check the amazing backup singers, an...
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Angelique Kidjo - Pearls (feat. Josh Groban) (Live)
Check out this live Angelique Kidjo performance of "Pearls" featuring Josh Groban duetting on vocals....
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Angelique Kidjo - Voodoo Child (Voodoo Chile) - Live - 1999
Angelique Kidjo filmed for Australian TV while on tour in 1999. Sensational cover version of the Jimi Hendrix Classic Voodoo Chile. Awesome band, musi...
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Angelique Kidjo - Zelie - unplugged
Become a Fan | http://facebook.com/angeliquekidjoOfficial Website | http://kidjo.comThe songs on Angelique Kidjo's new album "Oyo",embrace rhythm & ...
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MAMMA AFRIKA Concertone Notte della Taranta 2009 - "Angelique Kidjo"
MAMMA AFRIKA 2:45 am Angelique KIDJO cantando questo imno al suo continente durante il Concertone della Notte della taranta a Melpignano, IL PUBBLICO ...
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Paolo Fresu Quintet Live in Mortara 2010
== Top Italian Jazz Music ==PAOLO FRESU: Tromba e FlicornoTINO TRACANNA: Sax Tenore e SopranoROBERTO CIPELLI: PianoforteATTILIO ZANCHI: ContrabbassoET...
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Imaharat (Felice Clemente, comp. di Tino Tracanna)
Felice Clemente Quintet in concerto al Crocevia di Suoni Jazz Festival 2008 - Agrate Brianza (Mi) (F.Clemente, B.Ferra, M.Colombo, G.Corini, M.Manzi)...
inserito il 08/03/2009  da feliceclemente - visualizzazioni: 3456

"I'll Still Be In Love With You"
Jimmy Cobb/Chesky Records Session 10/14/08 in NYC. , , "Songs in the Key of Blue", , Songwriter-Steve Satten, , Drums-Jimmy Cobb, Trumpet - Roy Hargro...
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Monterey Jazz Festival on Tour! Kurt Elling & Regina Carter, "When I Grow Too Old to Dream"
The Monterey Jazz Festival is pleased to announce Monterey Jazz Festival on Tour: a nationwide, thirty-four date, six-week tour of the MJF/52 All-Star...
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Monterey Jazz Festival on Tour! Russell Malone & Kenny Barron, "Road Song"
The Monterey Jazz Festival is pleased to announce Monterey Jazz Festival on Tour: a nationwide, thirty-four date, six-week tour of the MJF/52 All-Star...
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Freddie Hubbard - Autumn Leaves
1987 Benkó Dixieland Band Club Budapest...
inserito il 03/06/2008  da jazz957 - visualizzazioni: 2733

Freddie Hubbard & Art Blakey - Moanin'
CLASSIC FREDDIE! This is from 1962 with Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers. The rest of the band is Wayne Shorter, Curtis Fuller, Cedar Walton, and Re...
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Roy Hargrove Big Band, Summerstage, 8-2-08
Roy Hargrove Big Band performing at Central Park Summerstage, NYC, 8-2-08., , Photos from the show can be seen at http://picasaweb.google.com/eperl69...
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Il programma della XVa edizione, - 21 LuglioROY HARGROVE - RH FACTOR, - 26 Luglio, DAVID SANCHEZ & ED SIMON quartet, Featuring Scott Colley and Antoni...
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Una mas - Roy Hargrove
Video grabado en el festival de jazz de montreal, , Titulo: Una mas, , Roy Hargrove - Trompeta - Flugelhorn, Miguel "Anga" Diaz - Congas, Jesus "Chuch...
inserito il 07/09/2009  da Agozarlatino - visualizzazioni: 2571

Roberta Gambarini no Mistura Fina
O memorável concerto de Roberta Gambarini e Roy Hargrove foi interrompido por um torcedor fanático que invadiu o campo (palco) com sua gaita....
inserito il 17/01/2008  da garvim - visualizzazioni: 2356

2010 Grammy Nominated Roy Hargrove Big Band - Roy Allan (Jazz A Vienne Excerpt)
Purchase "EMERGENCE" at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002..., at iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/emer..., , Filmed live at Jazz A...
inserito il 20/12/2009  da GroovinHighRecordsUS - visualizzazioni: 4122

Roy Hargrove RH Factor - 21-07-09 Maiori (SA) - # 1
Jazz on the Coast - Maiori (SA) , Teatro di Palazzo Mezzacapo, Roy Hargrove (Trumpet & Flugelhorn), Jonathan Batiste (Keyboards), Lenny Stallworth (Ba...
inserito il 23/07/2009  da Pipollinejazz - visualizzazioni: 2648

Roy Hargrove - Strasbourg St Denis - Live New Morning 31th march 2009
Roy Hargrove quintet Live New Morning 31th march 2009...
inserito il 01/04/2009  da F4BED2PARIS - visualizzazioni: 2891

Roberta Gambarini Roy Hargrove "Everytime We Say Goodbye" @ North Sea Jazz 2008
Hank Jones 90th Birthday Concert., note: Hank Jones got sick just before his concert and flew back to New York., , The most beautifull solo on flugelh...
inserito il 13/08/2008  da harryhaarlemjazzfan - visualizzazioni: 4346

Roy Hargrove & The RH-factor-Bop Drop
North Sea Jazz Festival 2003 IMHO:The best RH-factor lineup...
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From Luca Aquino album: Lunaria - Universal Music 2009, , Luca Aquino - Roy Hargrove - Giovanni Francesca - Marco Bardoscia - Gianluca Brugnano...
inserito il 06/06/2009  da trumpetvanlaar - visualizzazioni: 4182

Roy Hargrove -- It ain't necessarily so
Roy Hargrove with Metropole orchestra....
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Roy Hargrove Quintet Performs "Soulful" Live in KPLU Studio
Trumpeter Roy Hargrove performed live at KPLU's Seattle studios on December 2, hosted by Abe Beeson. Hargrove was accompanied in the studio by pianis...
inserito il 03/12/2009  da KPLU885 - visualizzazioni: 2756

Renee Neufville w/ Roy Hargrove's RH Factor - Crazy Race
Live at Jazz Open Stuttgart 2005 www.myspace.com/reneemusic...
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