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2004 Ollio Records, NYC
Antonio Barbagallo

1. Femina Loca (A. Barbagallo
2. Angeli Pigri (A. Barbagallo, G. Messina
3. Colemania (A. Barbagallo)
4. One Note Samba (A. C. Jobim)
5. Donna Lee (C. Parker)
6. Very Early (B. Evans)
7. Blues Connotation (O. Coleman)
8. Rakham (A. Barbagallo, G. Messina)
9. St. Matthew (A. Barbagallo, G. Messina)

Antonio Barbagallo - Vocals and Guitar
Beebee - Piano
Yoshi Waki - Bass
Bill Campbell - Drums

This CD, a tribute to Ornette Coleman's arrangements, includes original music by Antonio Barbagallo, original lyrics by Gaetano Messina, and works by Charlie Parker, Ornette Coleman, Bill Evans, and AC Jobim. Barbagallo performs in native Italian, as well as in a form of scat that carries the theme in an intereSting and listenable style. Barbagallo also leads his band on sensual, sassy guitar.

Notable tracks:

#3 – Colemania – Composed by Antonio Barbagallo. Yoshi Waki's steady, soft bass leads this piece, soon followed by Barbagallo on vocals and guitar in a repetitive, pleasant theme. Barbagallo's guitar soars and sings in scintillating, original melody.

#4 – One Note Samba – Composed by AC Jobim. Barbagallo's throaty vocals introduce this renowned Samba, in a combination of English and Portuguese, and BeeBee, on piano, takes a lengthy, languorous solo. Bill Campbell, on drums, is kept busy creating moment to moment samba, under vocals and keyboard passages.

#5 – Donna Lee – Composed by Charlie Parker. This upbeat swing piece is sung in scat, and drums, bass, and piano merge for energized rhythms. Thanks to Campbell's percussives, this is quite a danceable track.

#8 – Rakham – Composed by Antonio Barbagallo and Gaetano Messina. Sung in Italian, this melancholy, romantic song seems influenced by Samba and Tango, with the Samba rhythm and some Argentine tonalities. Rakham was actually my favorite track and has a memorable and singable theme.
Roberta E. Zlokower

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Publishing Date: 18/12/2005

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