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Mauro De Federicis
Double Face

1. Blue dream 1' 28''
2. My red passion 6' 30''
3. Calypso Jim 5' 05''
4. The eternal triangle 5' 55''
5. Operina 6' 36''
6. The second time around 6' 21''
7. John Stuff 6' 35''
8. Poinciana 5' 44''
9. Le 2 "Elle" 6' 08''
10. My label 1' 20''

Mauro De Federicis,
acoustic and electric guitar
Felice Del Gaudio,
Gianluca Caporale ,
Alfredo Laviano ,

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The years I spent cramming a great variety of musical styles, led me to realiste that music can be expressed differently and implies diverse appreciation and fruition.

bilieve that everything is bestowed of a double meaning,or more precisely of a twofold aspects. Life itself is double- sided. In this respect,
Double Face is meant to refer to a combination of two kinds of sounds stored up in my second album, one being sheer acoustic, the other being more aggressive, or eletric.

Obviously, that is brought about from a mixture of genres blended together, and influences from jazz to pop and classical music Let me explain why I choose
The Eternal Triangle, Poinciana and The Second Time Around as the three notable tracks of the album.
The first one regards the structure, that is to say the "anatole" or "changing rhythm", even though with a diverse bridge; it is one of the most complex jazz structure capable of joining a range of rhythms, tunes and melodies from which one can set out to jamming on freely, without any limits.
Poinciana has been played so often in the clubs with different musicians and the idea of a different version has always stirred my curiosity. The Second Time Around has apparently a simple pattern, but it really sounds excellent. The lyric of the song epitomises a time in my life.

More briefly I would like to talk about the other songs of the album.
Le Due Elle, is a sort of beguine dedicated to two mates I love. Calypso Jim and John Stuff are ispired by two great guitarists, Jim Hall and John Scofield.

Operina is a ¾ ballad made up of a three-bit melodic lines, each of them being independent from the others in tune.

My Red Passion comes from my knack for the flavour of red wine, something I am absolutely passionate about.

The opening and closing tracks of the CD are two instrumental songs for guitar I truly appreciate.
Blue Dream is a pretty simple prelude based on an uplifting tune. The colour blue brings to my mind something stylish or magnificent but it also stands for wisdom; it is the colour of the sky and night, my favourite colour.

My Label is a melancholic ballad and contais the spirit of this "label", which is one of its two facets.
Mauro De Federicis

via L. Fioravanti 26
64020 Nepezzano (TE)
Tel./Fax 0861.558611

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