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Dunya Records - fy 8095
Jacopo Martini
I Nuvoli: Jazz Manouche

1. I nuvoli 5:19
2. Sweet Georgia Brown 3:46
3. Etmaintinent 5:47
4. Petite Danseuse 2:32
5. Gaia 5:06
6. Matelo Swing 4:22
7. Preludio a Miraldo 1:40
8. Miraldo/ Les vagues de Saint Malò 5:21
9. Porto Cabello/Django’s Tiger/Variazioni Api 5:46
10. Un Giovedì di Pioggia 5:02
11. Nuages 2:50
12. Nuvoli in dissolvenza 1:40

Jacopo Martini - guitars
 Nico Gori - clarinet
 Ian Dapreda - vibes
 Francesco Federici - guitars
 Nicola Vernuccio - double bass
 Emanuele Parrini - violin
Antonello Salis - accordion

This hot new CD is exotic, sensual, dreamable, and often danceable. In the Django Reinhardt tradition, including the addition of accordion, clarinet, and vocal scat, Jacopo Martini has composed and recorded a very special selection of songs that highlight the early guitar genre, plus familiar works by Django Reinhardt, himself, and Gilbert Becaud, among others.

Notable tracks:

#1 – I nuvoli – Composed by Jacopo Martini. A solo bass leads this exciting, multi-ethnically enhanced record. A soulful clarinet soars over guitars, a violin, and an accordion. The melodic accordion and both guitars mesh with staccato scat, before eloquently fading.

#3 – Etmaintinent – Composed by Gilbert Becaud. A whispering clarinet solo leads a sensitive conversation of guitar, bass, and clarinet, an inspired and versatile interpretation.

#9 – Porto Cabello/Django's Tiger/Variazioni Api – Composed by Jacopo Martini, Django Reinhardt, and I. Dapreda. A single guitar leads the orchestral ensemble, before vibes, bass, and violin burst with Django Swing. Once again, the piece melts into a melancholy refrain.

#12 – Nuvoli in dissolvenza – Composed by Nicola Vernuccio. The solo bass again takes this sensational record to a fascinating finish. The first track echoes and then dissolves. This important CD in the international jazz community should be an immediate success.
Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower


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Publishing Date: 03/07/2005

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