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1999 - www.chetbaker.com

Danilo Memoli Trio

1. Light Walk
2. Take the "D" Trane
3. I can't get started
4. New York Bossa
5. Bud!
6. Blood Count
7. Love for Sal
8. Ceora
9. My one and only love
10. It's hipper than that
11. On a misty night
12. Jazz

Danilo Memoli -
Stefano Senni - double bass
Massimo Chiarella -

Special guests:
John Mosca -
Steve Grossman -
tenor sax
(courtesy by Dreyfus Records)


Debut album by the name of italian pianist Danilo Memoli, "JAZZ" (released two years after the recording) represents the first step of a continuous collaboration started in '97 between saxophonist Steve Grossman, born in New York, and Memoli's trio, that since the second half of the 90s plays in Italy and abroad (Madrid, Barcellona, Paris, Antibes-Juan Les Pins, Davos, New York etc.) with musicians such as Marco Tamburini, Pietro Tonolo, Roberto Rossi, Piero Odorici, Carlo Atti, Steve Sleagle, Tony Scott, Eddie Henderson, Philip Harper, Jim Snidero, John Mosca, Bob Sands, Kurt Weiss, Tom Kirkpatrick and others.

'98 Mosca, a New York trombonist of italian origins, joined the group for some concerts (the most recent in Summer 2001) and for this CD.

Recorded at the Chet Baker Club in Bologna – during daytime, and without audience – "JAZZ"" presents some trio tunes, some in quartet with Grossman and the others - five off twelve - with the whole quintet.

There are original compositions written by Memoli and Grossman; the saxophonist wrote "
Love For Sal", dedicated to the great late Sal Nistico, and "New York Bossa", once recorded with Mc Coy Tyner.

Memoli's tunes are "
Bud!", a blues with a latin rhythm, the title-track "Jazz" and "Light Walk", composed during one of his stays in New York.

The arrangement written by the pianist for "
Blood Count" (Strayhorn) does not include any solos, while in "Ceora", written by Lee Morgan, the original bossa-nova feel is transformed into a 5/4 time. Among the standards we find "I Can't Get Started", a showcase for Senni's double-bass, and "My One and Only Love", performed by Grossman’s quartet.

I've been lucky enough to hear Danilo Memoli play, and the last time he performed with this band, starring Steve Grossman on saxophone and John Mosca on trombone.
Just like in that occasion, this album also renders the "surgical" sound that Memoli is able to express through the piano: keen, and of an extraordinarily harmonic pureness, that well matches the occasional exuberance of the New York saxophonist. As for John Mosca and the rhythm section, everything seems to work out well, also with the support of bassist Stefano Senni.
Music, a lot of good music comes out of this superb quintet, from "Take The D Trane", where the leader improvises impeccably before Grossman's explosion of sound, to a very smooth version of "I Can't Get Started" or, a few tracks later, to "My One And Only Love".
A very nice tune is Memoli's "Bud!", where the unhidden tribute to the great pianist is spontaneous, with a sparkling melody and a fresh arrangement.
I hope to hear Danilo Memoli again as soon as possible; in the meanwhile, let's enjoy these seventy-one minutes of Great Jazz!"
Paolo Vangelista, dir. of "Jazz - Zoing" - May 2003



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