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Enrico Rosa
Passione & Musica

1. Waltzin at ease
2. Livorno 1973
3. Tapum
4. Odd walk
5. Sunset
6. The kite
7. Italian Irish
8. Dolcemente
9. Classic feel
(live at Kolding Musical Institute - feb 2000)

Enrico Rosa:
Classical Guitar, Western Guitar, Electric Guitar
Torben Bøtker Bjørnskov:
Electric Bass, Double Bass
Matin Alexandr Sass:
Electric Piano, Organ, Piano
Frank Thøgersen:
Percussion, Drums

The idea behind Passione & Musica is a journey into different music styles inspired by a passionate love for music throughout Italian guitarist Enrico Rosa's compositions and arrangements. Five of his songs are performed on classical guitar, two on Western, while two feature clean electric guitar ("Classical Feel", recorded live at Kolding Musical Institute in Denmark, and "The Kite", a jazz ballad composed in memory of the great Thad Jones).

The acoustic pieces include "
Sunset", a passionate solo performance, "Livorno 1973", a relaxed conversation between two guitars inspired by reminiscences of Italy, and "Italian Irish", a guitar ballad that ends as a lively tarantella.

Odd bars like two interpretations of 11/4 are a part of the CD.

Track 3,"
Tapum", 11/4 in a funky way with melody and solo on acoustic western guitar while the bass played by Torben B. Bjørnskov creates the funky feeling and a great solo all perfectly gathered by Frank on percussion and Sass on Organ.

Track 4 "
Odd Walk" a sweet, easy sounding melody on a 11/4 sounding almost like a Jazz Waltz.

Talking about Waltz? Track 1:
Waltzing at ease, is a cheerful jazz waltz with a bit of country flavor, featuring an electric bass solo and the acoustic guitar forming the theme.

Passione & Musica is a great introduction to the recorded work of Rosa - who has been educated in both the classical and jazz fields, and who has recorded in studios since 1970.

ENRICO ROSA is a lyrical guitarist who plays all original tunes on his solo/quartet album PASSIONE & MUSICA (Dore2 recorded in Kolding Denmark).

He sends a ringing cheerful tone through the air on either his classical, western, and electric instrument much the way Larry Coryell express himself. The music has its roots in Folk and appears to blend the cultural aspects of his Italian heritage with that of Northern European countries where he has lived and taught. Elements of Rock with a leaning toward the funky side are occasionally present in his happy sound, as are the fundamendals of Classical music.
Accompanying him on four tracks (five cuts are solos) are Torben Bøtker Bjørnskov, bas, el. bas; Matin Alexandr Sass, el piano, organ, piano; and Frank Thøgersen, perc. drums.

Rosa creates delightful pictures with his tunes, wich always appear to show the pleasant side of life (Waltzing at ease / Livorno 1973 / Tapum / Odd Walk / Sunset /The Kite / Italian Irish /Dolcemente / Classic Feel).

assist Torben Bjørnskov is impressive when given the starring role, and Sass adds light touches while Rosa fills in all the space with his lovely phrasing.

Rosa's combining of Italian and Irish influences into a form of the Tarantella on one tune is an excellent example of his deft touch.

He uses the time on the short recording to promote his pristine sound and talent quite effectively.

page 28 of Cadence Magazine (USA) September 2002.
(CadNor LTD, Cadence Building, Redwood, NY 13679 PHONE: 315-287-2852)

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