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Tamm E Hunt
Live @ Birdland

1. Intro (MP3 760KB)
2. Black Coffee (MP3 6MB)
3. Don't Explain (MP3 5MB)
4. My Funny Valentine (MP3 6.8MB)
5. Summertime (MP3 8MB)
6. You Don't Know What Love Is (MP3 6MB)

Tamm E Hunt vocal
Gary Bartz sax
Eric Reed piano
Mac Gollehon trumpet
Don Moore double bass
Will Terrill drums

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"A very appealing jazz singer with a strong voice, a wide repertoire and the ability to swing at all tempos; she does justice to the words she sings, is a fine improviser and puts on memorable shows. Ms. Hunt deserves to be very well known..." Scott Yanow


TAMM E HUNT LIVE @ BIRDLAND, The Jazz Corner of the world … is the CD with GARY BARTZ, ERIC REED and MAC GOLLEHON produced by international Jazz singer, actress, songwriter, community activist, TV host, Lecturer, Jazz educator/administrator, renaissance woman TAMM E HUNT.

A well kept Jazz secret, TAMM E HUNT has performed in some of the world's finest venues with some of the industry's most respected musicians. Her musician associations read like who's who in American music, from pianist Dorothy Donegan, James Carter, Freddie Hubbard, Buster Williams, Wynton Marsalis, Louis Hayes, Mulgrew Miller, Roy Hargrove, Antonio Hart, Javon Jackson, Teri Thornton, Bobby Watson, Stanley Jordan, Larry Ridley, Charles Davis, Walter Booker...

A unique stylist and powerful talent…TAMM E HUNT's vocal skills demand the raft attention of her audience. Although she's not a household word, you will never forget her once you've heard her. Singing from the heart and soul, TAMM E HUNT is all at once both powerful and captivating, drawing you into her web of mellows moods and surprising moments. The lady has universal appeal.

"I want to be the best that I can be and some of that means taking chances." The sultry singer says "It's a big responsibility when you want to be you and not sound or phrase like somebody else. Although we are all influenced by others… I really want the audience to not see or hear me as an imitator, but as an innovator…Sarah Vaughan told me once «Take a risk and be who you are. Be original». That made a lot of sense to me…"

TAMM E HUNT's fame extends around the globe from New York to London, Italy, Paris, Canada and Japan where she enjoys television fame for her singing and her fried chicken wings, corn bread and collard greens with tomatoes and onions…the author of a forth coming cookbook "COOKING WITH JAZZ" gourmet southern soul cuisine HARLEM STYLE! The singer says, "I almost enjoy cooking as much as I love singing."

The founder of Harlem Jazz Foundation, Inc., an international educational resource and presenting organization that manages Harlem International Institute of Jazz & American Music, Hunt writes Jazz education programs;  ADOPT A KID 4 JAZZ and JAZZ 4 THE BEGINNER a distance learning edutainment program for intergenerational audiences.

Reminiscing with a smile, Hunt says, "I really owe a lot to pianist Danny Mixon who convinced me I could sing Jazz. He would book these gigs out in Brooklyn and there I would be trying to transform myself from Disco singer to a real singer in these little smokey dives…I was awful." Hunt's lead vocals won the Billboard Magazine Year End 81/82 award for the CBS/Pavilion Disco group "Fantasy."

Director/actor Douglas Turner Ward says, "Tamm E Hunt does Billie Holiday unlike any one I have ever seen or heard…"

Playwright, actor Hunt produced and starred in the critically acclaimed Off-Broadway show "BILLIE HOLIDAY The Legend." Hunt, who is no stranger to the big or little screen, co-stars with alto saxophonist Gary Bartz in the Mevlut Akkayya film "A Jazz Story".

TAMM E HUNT looks forward to a long and successful career in Jazz. She says,"Jazz is a religion and I am a disciple."

Expect to hear TAMM E HUNT's voice for a long time.

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