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2005 Principal Records
Claudio Scolari
The my fourteen songs

1. The my reflections (Part 1)
2. The sun to New Orleans
3. The Mirror
4. After the light
5. Donnie
6. A single memory
7. Too much soon
8. Many colors
9. Returning from the places
10. Rhythm colour harmony
11. Long night blues
12. He without name
13. The travel of the life
14. The my reflections (Part 2)

Claudio Scolari - Percussion, Drums, Synth and Voice
Donnie Romano - Guitars and Voice

Every once in a while, we as music listeners are blessed to have someone come along who is not like anyone else. A musician who finds the bar and proceeds to go beyond that. A student of life and of music. A master craftsman, someone who is willing to dedicate their last breath for their passion. I believe that Claudio Scolari is this type of person.

The My Fourteen Songs, released on Principal Records in 2005, is a highly personal recording. There is more than plenty of emotions passed through from Scolari on this classic avant-soul-fusion record.

Upon the first couple listens, I admit that I did not "get it," but something must have got to me because I quickly found myself returning to it over and over, like someone hearing a foreign language for the first time. It sounded strange and beautiful and as I listened more and more, I explored the multi-textural music stylings that are incorporated. Everything from 70s big rock guitar to hip-hop beats, but there is more to it. There are elements that remind me of Miles Davis' On the Corner. That same sort of funkiness, that feeling of the music actually being inside of you. Also containing the spiritual side of, dare I say Coltrane's A Love Supreme." A sonic enlightenment. A spiritual journey. The My Fourteen Songs may typically be more of a Sunday morning listen rather than Friday night, but that's not set in stone.

Claudio is one half of the musicians on the record, taking responsibilities of drums, percussion, voice and synths. And let's not forget about composing the music, in which you will find the true strength of the music. Donnie Romano makes up the other half by contributing guitars and voice. You do not hear jazz guitar players like Romano. He is extremely talented in both theory and pure expressionism. Donnie plays with a fierce intensity on the one side, then on the other is cool and collective. This perfect mixture makes a challenging and welcomed addition to the "colours" of Claudio Scolari. In short, let me just say blessed are those who listen.
Savon Edwards on Jazzreview.com


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Publishing Date: 17/11/2006

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