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Written by Jim Eigo: jim@jazzpromoservices.com

Carei F. Thomas New Book: "Compositions and Concepts"

I am happy to announce the publishing of my book representing 40+ years of my composing life. The title is "Compositions and Concepts." It includes over 170 original songs, explanations of my methodologies, some of my philosophy, graphic compositions, synth-choral works and studies.

You can see details at http://www.musicbycarei.com/

Besides my website, the book is also available on Amazon and can be ordered from the Common Good Bookstore on Selby Avenue in St. Paul, Minnesota

About the Book
I love composing, performing and sharing out of the midst of living and align myself with a cause and effect philosophy, exemplifying process and product as one and concluding the journey and destination are the same.

There have been many stages in my development with my compositions going back and forth conceptually from simple songs, to investigations of complex methodologies, to experimentation with mathematical and visual paradigms. This pendulum motion supports my idea of carrying history forward while uniting that which was with the ever-present possibilities of "now time." The purpose of this design is to push new musical ideas forward while keeping history alive.

I hope some of what I have presented in this book will spark other theorists to look at their own historically unique concepts and help them see how their contributions enrich their colleagues and communities. For those of you who play these compositions/songs, please make them your own. They are formally mine, but use them as ways to express your own connection to the universe.

Please check out the information. You will be getting a very unique book with years of living in it.

Thank you.
Carei F. Thomas

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