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Zafferana Jazz Festival II^ Edizione - "Il Respiro del Vulcano " .

Ciao Paolo, musica e Jazzitalia in lutto per la scomparsa del sassofonista Pietro Paolo Mannelli. Aveva 84 anni..

Umbria Jazz: cancellato il concerto di Tom Jones previsto per il 13 luglio a UJ21.

Addio Chick. Riposa in Pace. Ci lascia Chick Corea al'età di 79 anni..

Adriano Urso. La tristissima dipartita del pianista che pone una riflessioni profonda e urgente. Salviamo lArte, proteggiamo gli Artisti..

Disponibile dal 2 dicembre per Adda Editore il libro "Paolo Lepore e la Jazz Studio Orchestra" curato da Alceste Ayroldi.

Pubblicato "Bass Way", il nuovo Metodo Didattico per contrabbasso classico e jazz di Marcello Sebastiani..

Esce Pentatonic Pyromania di Mimmo Langella, un manuale per arricchire tecniche e fraseggio per chitarra in ambito Pop, Rock, Jazz e Fusion.

Pubblicato un nuovo testo da Antonio Ongarello dedicato a Scott Joplin: "10 Rags for Jazz Guitar" (trascrizione di "The Enterteiner").

"The Great 78 Project", digitalizzate 25mila vecchie registrazioni, rese gratuite per il download.

Ultimi aggiunti:

            ADJÀ QUINTET (gruppo)
            BELLADELLI Antonio (voce e contrabbasso)
            BLASIOLI Simone (sax)
            CAGNETTA Mariangela (voce)
            CAPRARESE Cristian (pianoforte)
            CASSARA' Elio (chitarra)
            CRISTOFARO Gaetano (sax e clarinetto)
            CUOCO Ramon (tromba)
            GADDI Piero (pianoforte)
            GHIDONI Davide (tromba)
            INDRA (gruppo)
            LAVIANO Alfredo (batteria e percussioni)
            LEPORE Fabio (voce)
            MAZZA Cristina (sax)
            RICCIU Daniele (sax)
            ROSSINI Giorgio (voce)
            TATONE Angelo (chitarra)
            VARAVALLO Luca (contrabbasso)
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Carol Fredette Birthday Celebration
New York

Info/Luogo: Birdland
Indirizzo: 315 West 44th Street
Città: New York
Sito: www.jazzitalia.net/Birdland

Courtesy of Jazz Promo Services:
http://www.jazzpromoservices.com/ - jim@jazzpromoservices.com

"Carol Fredette is one of New York's most blissfully talented jazz singers. When Ms. Fredette is holding court...the work of Kern, Porter, Fields and Arlen gives new meaning to the Great American Songbook. The voice is clear, strong and intensely musical...an exemplary "Last Night When We Were Young," so exquisitely phrased that she infused E.Y.Harburg's lyrics with new meaning. On ballads and finger snapping up tunes, she shows a sense of fearless vocal exploration, bending notes and taking risks without ever losing control of her devotion to the story lines. Her dedication to the emotional subtext of her songs turns even the most familiar classics into new minted gems....and the stream-of-consciousness in her narrative approach to lyrics is almost Faulknerian. Startling yet accessible. Carol Fredette is one of the coolest jazz vocalists around. Every time I see her, I hear something new and worthy of hearing again."
-Rex Reed, The New York Observer

"Miss Fredette brings a bracingly taut sense of line, perfect diction and fine-tuned dynamics to everything she touches…"
-Stephen Holden, New York Times

"Carol Fredette is everything you need in a jazz singer. She thinks, swings and phrases like a creative instrumentalist, yet her way with words captures the essence of a lyric."
-Dan Morgenstern, author, jazz historian and critic

"Fredette has become one of Gotham's leading teachers of vocal music aspirants...gives listeners a lesson in the art of performing a comprehensive repertoire. All of the elements are there - poetic phrasing, emotional intensity and sheer musicality. She's simply in a class by herself."
-Nick Catalano, Allaboutjazz.com, author of New York Nights, music critic, educator

"…Another ongoing part of Fredette's repertoire is the inclusion of several Brazilian songs in her set list...when it comes to swinging, she is right on top of the game. When Fredette finished the second set you sat there feeling that you were experiencing the end of one of those evenings that you hoped would go on forever."
-Joe Lang, Jersey Jazz

"Carol Fredette generated power through understatment...she swings hard...an uncommonly musical vocalist."
-Bob Blumenthal, Boston Globe

"Carol Fredette was cookin'...always inventive, Fredette displayed her vibrant tableau of Brazilian, rhythm, witty and emotional favorites...outstanding phrasing...physically and vocally expressive, her deliveries are intense, intimate, communicative, sometimes playful."
-Elizabeth Ahlfors, Cabaret Scenes
"Haven't heard anyone do the Bing Crosby feature "Love Thy Neighbor"...since John Coltrane in the 1950's. Fredette sings it with the joy in her voice to equal the whooping exuberance of Trane's solo."
-Doug Ramsey, www.artsjournal.com

"Jazz vocalist Carol Fredette's singing is characterized as a clinic in singing with perfect diction. With a linguist's ear, Fredette concretely pronounces every word to every song she sings, as if to commit them to platinum casts for use by International Bureau of Weights and Measures. Fredette accomplishes this not in some self-conscious way, but with a humor and grace that portrays a fully lived jazz life."
-C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

"Sincere, heartfelt, impassioned...a few of the adjectives that help describe Carol Fredette's way with a song. She's upbeat and joyous...wistful and blue. No matter what she sings, Fredette makes sure to honor the lyrics and be faithful to them. It's all about the material…making you believe the song, feel it as strongly as she does."
-Willard Manus, Blues & Jazz Scope

"Here is a jazz interpreter who is also a fine actress, her focus held throughout each number - always mindful to vary the color of each tune. There was a refreshing lack of artifice throughout. The lady's purpose is to serve the song and entertain the audience."
-Charles Cochran, Birdland: Sinatra Music Society (Dublin branch)

"...the honey-voiced Fredette...sublime enunciation and skilled dynamics...highly stylized...witty and sophisticated, does it all without gimmicks and with a sound that belongs only to her."
-John Hogland, Backstage

"Remarkably, she maintains a delicate but controlled equilibrium of dynamics, phrasing, tone, tasteful use of freedom and a wonderful sense of swing."
-Dr. Herb Wong, Jazz Educator's Journal

"Carol Fredette is among the upper echelon of current jazz vocalists. Fredette really gets to the heart of a lyric...she is an enthusiastic and free-spirited presence, filled with inventive artistry and good humor. Fredette invests her material with the kind of freshness that she brings to every song she chooses to sing."
-Jazz Improv New York

"Deep, spicy and silky voiced...sensual and funny. When she sings, the concentration is total, the emotions heartbreaking."
-Renaud Machart, Le Monde

"She's as good as they come."
-Stan Getz



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